One day racketball events for all the team

learn - play - compete

What is it all about?
  1. Learn & Play
    Learn & Play
    Learn the basics of the game. It is so easy to pick up and great fun to play and a sport suitable for 3 year olds to 80 year olds. It really is for anyone and we teach you how to play the game
  2. Compete
    Who doesn't love a competition?! We run a mini tournament to add a bit of spice to the mix and enable team members to notch up some points for their team
How the day works

Arrive at the venue ready for a fun day of fitness, laughter and learning. On arrival you will be split into teams and given your team t-shirt for the day. Each part of the day gives players the opportunities to earn points for their team (an of course lose them!).
The morning is all about learning the game, which anyone can pick up quickly. Then the fun and games begin and the leaderboard starts to notch up the scores. 
Over lunch see how some of the best players play the game.
Then in the afternoon, a tournament affords the biggest opportunity to gain the most points as well as get a good workout.
Once the activity ceases and brows are dried, medals are presented to the winning team and the beer and wine can flow.
How it looks...
10am          Breakfast and coffee on arrival    
10.30am    Introduction to the Racketball Court    
10.45am    Learning the basics and fun games
12pm         All about the game, getting competition ready   

12.30pm   Lunch and Demo Game    
1.30pm     '100 UP' Fun Handicap tournament
3.30pm     Presentation    
4pm          Drinks in the Bar     

Like the idea but got less time or something else in mind? We can tailor make any day or event to suit your exact requirements. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a chat.